Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dream Home

Everyone has their dream home, so do I.

My dream home is a condominium (preferably penthouse) at high floor.

East Lake Residence is an example of my sweet dream home..

Everytime I drive along the Besraya highway, I wouldn't fail myself to have a glance at it.

Though being tiny, this is the place where the family and friends gather and have a knee chat.

No matter how cruel the sun or how wild the rainstorm is, it has no effect on us who're staying in this cozy home.

It would be very rejuvenating looking at the nice lake view after a day of hectic work.

Sitting by the side of the window, enjoying the view with a glass of favourite flower tea in the hand could provide us a sense of calmness in this busy city.

Imagine that,

Under the candle light,

2 plates of lovely chicken chop,

2 glasses of red wine on the dining table,

The awesome nightview,

Soft and romantic music,

A set of comfortable velvety sofa,

A place that belongs to no other,

You and I,

Drowning into the sea of love.


Saturday, March 6, 2010


I think I would only visit this blog in holidays. During the busy school days, I thirst for holidays and now, during the holidays, I wish to have some things to do. That's human nature right?
After the semester examination, I have taken plenty of good food which makes my tummy rounder and rounder. The first meal I had was at Ding Tai Fung, the Gardens. I was informed by friends that this is a award winning restaurant with restaurant chains in several countries and was ranked top 10 restaurant in the world in 1993 by The New York Times. Surprisingly, the price of the food is reasonable while the food is in good taste as well. I tried the original Xiao Long Bao, Xiao Long Bao with crabs poweder (not much different from the original except the price), Drunken Chicken (served cold with nice smell of alcohol, great!), Tauhu with osyter source (the source was scrumptious), Handmade Ramen with pork chop and a glass of soya.

The Xiao Long Bao (picture from wikipedia)

I paid my second visit with my sister here 2 days later. This time was worthier as I ordered the setlunch comprises 3 pieces of Xiao Long Bao and Fish Dumplings respectively, Fried Rice with eggs and prawns (the prawns were really big and fresh) and a cup of chinese tea which only costs Rm19.90 per person. I ordered a set for my sister, Da Bao with pork and a glass of soya. We were so full and satisfied with the food.

There was another good place to dine in at Wangsa Maju (though it took me 1 and 1/2 hour from Bukit Bintang due to the massive traffic jam). The 4 Seasons Restaurant is a well furnished restaurant consists of four compartments with different themes which are spring, summer, autumn and winter. After several days of being in sauna (the weather), we decided to have our meals and also Sui Teng's birthday celebration in the winter compartent. Initially, it was fun with cold environment but as the time passed, being in only a thin T-shirt, I began to have generalised tremor. The more challenging part was i had ordered a glass of icy cool drink and trying to finished it with my shivering lips.

There are 4 built-in airconds (1 is out of the picture).

Dining under the blue light setting is cozy and comfortable.

The food price is reasonable which only cost me RM 18 for a Japanese Prawn Udon Mee and a green ice blended drink with many jellys in which I forgot its name.

Did I mention Bukit Bintang just now? Yes, I did. On the same day, I did something that I have never done before. There is a big burning hole at my wallet. Finally, I bought the whole set of Basic Three from Clinique. It remains the best recommended brand after a survey of facial products from my friends. In fact, I only planned to buy the traveller's pack recommended by Su Teng. However, there was no such packing in KL and thus, I had to pay more to buy the larger pack. Guess what? I remember I used to criticise the service of the Clinique counter in Isetan, Lot 10 in a post a year ago. Ironically, I ended up buying the set from the same counter this time. Of course, the beautician (promoter suits them more) this time was not the stupid, arrogant Jenny. This time, there was a friendly and approachable promoter, namely Nancy, gave the detail explaination. Yup, I remember she was the one who gave me some samples when I went for second consultation last year (No more the bitch Jenny). Together with the purchase, she gave me 15ml of face scrub and 7ml of turnaround concentrtae (this is expensive). When I asked for more, she was generous enough to take some displayed sample of pore minimising serum and mask into the containers. Unfortunately, the eye gel of the displayed sample had reached its bottom but she asked me back after 2 weeks for skin evaluation and mini facial. She said that she doesn't think that I am going to buy these stuffs but it is nothing wrong give some for me to try. Yeah, that's the way. I like her service.

The Basic Three-cleanser, toner and mosturiser.
free gifts- skin scrubs, turnaround concentrates, pore minimising serum and mask

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Today is saturday. A lovely and relaxing day. However, my school works always spoil my mood on saturday. 2 cases write ups are waiting for me to complete and books for me to study. My case write up is not progressive at all. I brought my mama's laptop to hostel hoping that i could finish them soon. In the end, very disappointingly, I wasted my time on playing msn and facebook most of the time. Perhaps, the lecturers in this surgery posting are not pushing us harsh as in the OnG posting. I remember when I was in OnG, I already finished the case write ups by this time, the fifth week. Sigh. I must be more determined to finish them up fast so that I can give my full focus on study as my final is just in 4 weeks time.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

PPD camp

I remember I did tell myself that I am not going to terengganu anymore after the Lang Tengah trip that I went with my form 6 classmates. However, after 2 years, I stepped into this state again which is only well-known for keropok and batik. This time was even worse as I was not going for vacation but a camp for the Personal and Professional Development (PPD) module in which the UKM lecturers are very proud of. As expected, we departed from UKMMC at 8 am and arrived at the BTN camp in Kuala Besut at 7 pm on Monday and thus, we got a chance witnessed the sunrise and also the sunset in the bus.

There are 3 PPD camps for us to attend when we are in the first year, 3rd year and lastly 5th year. This time, I was fortunate enough to get a good fascilitator in my group who was Mr. Lee Boon Cheok, a urosurgeon. Unlike fascilitator of my first PPD camp, Mr. Lee was able to make the small group discussion session very much interesting by sharing his wonderful experience and thoughtful stories. I was impressed by his knowledge and his thought. To me, he was like kind of philosopher but he could convey his message clearly, in a very interesting and encouraging way. That's the reason I could keep listening to him attentatively despite the tiredness and lacking of sleep throughout the camp.

One day, we were having a SGD on "self-care".

"Do you know there is a place in Philipines called smoky mountain? I used to be there for a trip organised by the La Salle Brothers when I was form 6. (we shrugged out shoulder and we thought it is a volcano since it is smoky) It is a very famous place as it is the largest dumping ground in Asia. The whole area is full of garbage and the hills are made of garbage. When you are on the top of hill, all you can see is just rubbish and garbage. Heavy haze as the result of methane produced by the dumps gives its name "smoky mountain". And yet, interestingly, there are people who built their houses on the dumping ground and they work on finding valuable items in the dumping ground.

I saw the children playing around the dumping site joyfully despite their smelly and untidy shirts, dirty faces and ulcers on the skin. Are they happy living in such a bad and disgusting environment? What is the their source of happiness? Thus, you can see happiness is something that comes from deep inside your heart and not from others. If you want to be happy, you will be happy at everywhere and anything you have. On the other hand, even though you got the best of everything, you still will not be satisfied and happy if you don't feel like being happy."

This is very true. In this world, some rich families are happy but some they aren't; some poor families are unhappy but again, some they aren't. Thus, material and environment are definitely not the parameters of the happiness. Nothing can determine or influence your level of happiness except your own will to decide whether to have a better feeling in our lives or the other way round.

Not much photos taken in this camp.. Never mind-la I show as many as I can to feed the thirst of my fans.

"Say no to euthanasia", sketch presentation, only
second to "Reporting child abuse" starred by Datin Kiambang.

Crystal clear sea water at Kuala Besut
(much better than longkang water at Langkawi)

This is the hill where we had our KEMBARA.

Unfortunately, it rained and KEMBARA was halted, losing a chance to have a look at the seaview on top of the hill.

"Datin Kiambang" and I in front of a hut

"Peeing" into the sea. wakakaka....
How could a lengzai like me do not leave his name at the beach? It can be a new tourist attraction of Kuala Besut.

Promoting my friend but too bad, he is already attacted. The one who is promoting is still available.:-p

Kek-chu-bee (acting cute)

Self-addressed letter which is only opened at the day before graduation ceremony. Wonder what feeling I will have at that time.

On the way back, everyone still looked energetic and cheerful though the bone-breaking bus journey. Lengzai's aura will never fade.

Friday, May 1, 2009

That comes the end

In 10 more days,
I am going to start my clinical year.
Time flies.
In a glimpse of eyes, I have finished pre-clinical year.
These are my academic achievements of the pre-clinical year.

First semester
(shocking result although I was still in adaptation period)

Second semester
(worst semester but the result is considered ok-lah as more than half of my coursemates failed at least one of the papers breaking the record of the faculty)

Third semester
(better than my expectation, my glorious day has back)

Fourth semester
(first time for getting all the systems A. So proud of it)

That's the end of the preclinical year.

In conclusion, I am satisfied with the results.

Keep it up

as there is still a long way to go and

the clinical year is definitely going to be more challenging.


Saturday, April 25, 2009


Being short-sighted and astigmatic for 16 years, the combined power of my both eyes hikes up to 2000 degree, visible length only left about 5 cm, similar to a blind person when taking off the glasses. With the technology nowadays, it is not impossible to get back my normal vision again by LASIK treatment. Although it is a bit costly, I still manage to pay it on my own. After a series of eye check, I was informed that I am eligible for the treatment. I was so excited as the days that I can see things without glasses are coming soon. However, with only one word "NO" (afraid I will be blind after treatment), my hope broke into pieces. I accepted their decision silently.

A few days ago, I saw an advertisement on the promotion of air asia. Numerous cheap tickets are there to be booked. A flight to Bangkok only costs RM76.50. Besides cheap air ticket, my enthusiasm towards thailand after watching a thai movie also increased my interest in paying there a visit so eagerly. Again, I was so excited as it is going to be not merely my first trip to oversea, it will be my first air flight too. Yet, as expected, with all the discouraging words, I gave up quietly.

Mt Kinabalu, Pulau Langkawi, Kuching, Penang,
these are the places where people have their vacation during the semester break.
Where am I?
At home, doing household chores to relieve my mom's burden.

Catching up with old friends, reading interesting books, attending a language class,
these are the activities which people can't do in schooling days but only in holidays,
What do I do?
At workshop, doing all sort of works to help my dad.

I could hardly recall back the time I went against them.
I couldn't even remember the time I said "no" to them.
All I remember is to give the best to them.

I am not complaining or blaming anyone here,
sometimes I feel a bit tired of being obedient.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The BITCH in clinique

It has been a kinda busy and tiring week. To give myself a little treat, I went to Green Box at Sg. Wang with a few of my friends straight after my last theory paper on Thursday. It was fun singing along with them and I enjoy it very much. It made me forget all the tiredness and stress throughout the exam week.

Unfortunately, there was a downpour after we finished singing and none of us want to be wet in the middle of rain. So we decided to walk around in Sg Wang and Lot 10 while waiting for the rain to stop.

Since my cleanser and toner are going to reach their bottoms, I went to have a look at the facial products in Isetan at Lot 10. I was informed that clinique is one of the best selling facial products and thus, I stopped myself at its booth and enquired for more of its products. An old lady clad in lab coat came to serve me.

"Boys, what are you looking for?"

"Erm.. I am looking for some facial cleanser and toner which are suitable for my skin type."

"Your skin is just normal skin and your friends are the same except this one (pointing at my friends with a number of pimples at his face). I will do a demo on you to confirm the products best suit you."

While I was doing the demo, my friend with pimples his asked her what is his skin type.

"Wait-lah! One by one-mah! You asked me this and that, later I get everything mixed up." (is this attitude a promoter should have?)

The demo was finished and she put a set of products, cleanser, toner and mosturiser on the table.

"These are the products best suit you."

"Mosturizer? I don't use this all the while as I am afraid of it made my oily T zone worse."

"You see, your skin is so dry and you need this oil-free moisturizer. Do you know actually I do not need to explain to you these as it's all stated here. Customer will read it and understand everything."
(fxxk off-lah!!! Then what is the point of having u here?)

"I heard that this toner is very harsh and it may not everyone's skin."

"Do you know we, clinique has 40 years of history and we are very professional already. It contains alcohol which gives you a tingling sensation and removes all your dead skin. 'Dead skin', you know?? It is "lou nei", you know? We are already very EXPERT and you think anyone can stand here and talk to you these-ah?"

The bitch continues,
"If you want the mild one, you can get it at other 'normal cheap cheap' counter out there but not in clinique. Take these products la, altogether are RM243 (keep pushing the products to me)."

"I had an allergic attack before for misusing a facial product so I am very afraid of allegry."

"I told you already we, clinique is very professional one and it won't cause allergic reaction one. Then how you test allergy?? Har?"
(Kononnya very professional, every facial product also posts a risk of allergy and such a simple allergy test* also don't know. What a shame to clinique. That's why you stupid old ci bxi still is a front desk promoter at this age.)

I was too lazy and tired to confront with her and when I was about to make a move, she changed her facial expression within a second (from cibxi look become CHAO cibxi look).

"Hey boy, you cannot just leave like that. Since I have done the demo on you, you have to fill up a form for us to save in the computer. If you come to our booth 10 times, you think we want to do the demo 10 times for you?"

If I want to, you have to. Or otherwise, the company put you here as a "patung" to attract customer only? Your Ci Bxi look will definitely scared off the customers. Again, I was too lazy to talk to her anymore so I simply filled in the form and left.

The more I think the more anger I get after that. When I shared this incident to another friend, it seems like I am not the only victim. This bitch is famous for her arrogance and impoliteness. I swear I will take revenge on her one day for the sack of myself and also anyone who has been her victim.

P/S: *Simple allergy test is done by applying the facial product at ur hand or better, skin under your arm. If there is no allergic reaction (eg. itchiness, redness or swelling) within 24 hours, the product is safe to be used.

P/SS: I want to clarify that I am just venting out my anger and unsatisfaction at the promoter only and I have no offense to clinique's product.

P/SSS: Sorry for my vulgar words here if it makes anyone uncomfortable..